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Including environmental language in requests for proposals and contracts increases the likelihood that your organization’s procurement goals will be met by your vendors.

Consider incorporating the general language below into new contracts and requests for proposals. The EPA Purchasing Database is also an excellent source for specific product and service categories.

General Contract Language

[Our organization] has adopted an environmental policy to improve our environmental performance. To further these goals, products and services contracted for by the organization will be evaluated in part based on their environmental attributes. Specific factors to be considered include:

  • Greenhouse gas emissions
  • Habitat impacts
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Recycled content
  • Energy efficiency
  • Water efficiency
  • Toxic chemical reduction

Please address these concerns when submitting your proposals.

Including language related to environmental concerns in contracts helps solidify your organization’s commitment to ecological progress and can lay the groundwork for positive vendor involvement in your environmental initiative. Every company that requests environmentally preferable products from its suppliers sends a signal that these kinds of requests are valued.

Environmentally intelligent contract language can incorporate a wide range of environmental objectives. There are many possibilities. For example:

  • A contract with an advertiser at a sports facility could specify or encourage that all advertisements be printed on recycled paper.
  • A contract with a food delivery service could specify that it will use fuel efficient vehicles and purchase carbon credits to offset total vehicle miles traveled.
  • A contract with a food vendor could include provisions for giving priority to local suppliers and for composting food waste.

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