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Many companies with a commitment to environmental improvements issue annual reports on their progress. Look over the corporate examples below, and consider developing your own sustainability report.

Alternatively, if your organization publishes an annual report on community relations, consider including environmental issues and initiatives. Review the Additional Resources below for links to more examples and resources that may assist your organization in putting together a report.

Corporate Sustainability Report Examples

AEG1Earth Sustainability Report 2010
Disney 2010 Corporate Citizenship Report
Nike Corporate Responsibility Report 2010
Sustainability at UPS 2010
IBM Corporate Responsibility
Bank of America Corporate Sustainability Report 2010
Time Inc. 2009-2010 Sustainability Report
Seventh Generation 2010 Sustainability Report

Environmental Benefits

Publishing a sustainability report takes time and effort, but it helps your organization track your supply chain impacts and costs, is a useful tool to declare your organization’s commitment to sustainability, and will help to track and report environmental improvements annually. Sustainability reports let employees, suppliers, and the public know that your organization is serious about achieving and documenting environmental improvements.

Additional Resources

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