Fan Engagement > Education and Outreach

By effectively communicating information about your organization’s environmental initiatives, you can involve fans and encourage them to participate in these initiatives in the facility and adopt greener lifestyles. Consider issuing a press release, use online outreach, and publicize your efforts through advertisements and announcements to inspire others to follow your lead. Effective communication will also improve the success of facility-wide programs like recycling, which rely on the participation of fans and employees.

Website Outreach

Consider providing general information, press releases, and regular updates about your environmental programs on a “green” page within your organization’s website. You can also populate this green page with information about and photos of:

  • Your eco-committee and green teams in action throughout your facility
  • Your environmentally-friendly infrastructure—such as renewable energy installations, recycling facilities, or motion-sensor light systems
  • Fans, staff and/or players performing acts of green—such as recycling, using a reusable water bottle, or bicycling

Use the green page of your website to keep fans and the general public up to date on any new green initiatives at your facility, and to attract new press coverage of your commitments to the environment and to the local community. Ideally you can also integrate your website content with any press releases, newsletters, or social media outreach.

Use the following examples to help you create a green website and write environmental press releases to promote your organization’s green efforts:

League / Team Press Releases

Portland Trailblazers Earn LEED Certification
MLB Clubs Celebrate 40th Anniversary of Earth Day
EPA Honors NHL Clubs’ Commitment to Food Recovery
Solar Panels to Be Installed at Qwest Field

League/ Team Web Sites

NHL Green
MLB Team Greening Program
NBA Green
Philadelphia Eagles Go Green
MLS W.O.R.K.S. Greener Goals
US Open Greening Initiatives
Cleveland Indians – Our Tribe Is Green

Social Media Outreach

Consider incorporating environmental messaging into your social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr, or any others that your organization uses. These messages could include anything from quick facts about your environmental achievements to photos and short video clips of fans getting involved in your recycling program on gamedays, possibly alongside mascots, staff members or athletes.

Unique content about your green progress will enrich your existing social media material, strengthen your green brand, and provide fans with more incentives to follow your organization on all social media platforms. Fully integrating your green material with all other social media outreach will help demonstrate that your environmental commitments are fundamental to your organization’s values and actions.

This unified outreach approach will also help your organization attract more positive press coverage of your environmental initiatives, whether from local newspapers, radio shows, or bloggers and other emerging forms of media.

Green Team Outreach

One of the best ways to promote fan participation in and public education about your organization’s environmental programs is to use your organization’s green team to help educate fans about your environmental initiatives.

Green teams can be involved in game-day environmental education activities throughout the facility, including handing out flyers or wallet guides to fans with information about your organization’s environmental initiatives and green tips for reducing their own daily environmental impacts.

To learn more about how to organize a green team, see the Green Teams section of this guide. See the Green Tips section of this guide for an extensive list of environmentally-friendly tips to consider using when developing flyers, wallet guides, or other materials for your green team to pass out to fans.

Game-day Public Service Announcements and Notices

Consider producing and airing Public Service Announcements (PSAs) at your facility during games to inform fans about your greening initiatives and your commitment to environmental stewardship. Also consider scrolling notices on the JumboTron about your environmental initiatives, the green team volunteers collecting recyclables during the game, and information about the importance of protecting the environment.